Angelini Pharma engages with its employees through initiatives, projects and learning opportunities focusing on areas that will enable them to grow both personally and professionals or gain a better understanding of any relevant issues.

Here are a few examples:

Angelini DNA: the DNA Community is a virtual space open to all employees which responds to the digital transformation currently underway in society. DNA Community is used to convey information and initiatives which enable colleagues from various departments and countries to share ideas, best practices, points of view and experiences as these contribute to our digital transformation.

The DNA Community (Digital Now Angelini Pharma) is our digital engagement channel and represents the latest step in a process that is seeing digital become a growing influence in all our lives, altering our culture, values, beliefs and behaviors as it enters our day-to-day work activities.

Purple Day: to mark International Epilepsy Day, we organized a digital event – open to all employees – with the aim of raising awareness of the condition and promotion inclusivity for those affected.

Angelini Pharma wants to do its bit by improving conditions for epilepsy sufferers in our society, not least through a new medicine which can be used to treat epileptic fits. This important development will contribute to improving the quality of life of people with epilepsy.

Shadow Board: with the aim of getting the younger generations involved in key company decisions, Angelini Pharma gave nine international colleagues under the age of 30 the chance to work with the Executive Leadership Team and influence the decision-making agenda. The Shadow Board project incorporates many of the Become Employer of Choice Strategic Imperative, which represents a key part of Angelini Pharma’s people policy. The first edition of Shadow Board had three main objectives: to enrich internal discussion by introducing contributions from different perspectives, to involve young people – the future of the company – in strategic decisions by inviting them to express their opinions openly and to attract and develop younger generations in all geographic locations we operate in, with the ultimate aim of becoming an international Employer of Choice.

Social Academy: this initiative was set up to support employees in the creation and sharing of social media content focusing on their skills, passions and values. The project aims to support Angeliners as they learn how to use social media and go on to draw on this in their work, throughout all levels of the company.

Social Academy features online lessons from experts in social communication and digital packs summarizing the key contact from these sessions, enabling employees to learn the tricks of the trade to effective communication on social media.